Örjan Henriksson works include both fine art and commercial photography.
He has studied photography with Arnold Newman and George Tice.

Örjan Henriksson’s  exhibition, Auschwitz KZ I-II, was awarded the Micael Bindefeld Foundation Prize, which was handed out by a member of the Swedish Royal Family, Prince Daniel. The exhibition includes music specially for the exhibition, composed by Pär Gunnarsson and arranged by Örjan Henriksson who also has had a successful career as musician.

The exhibition opened at Liljevalchs Konsthall in Stockholm and then toured to several museum and art galleries in Sweden

Auschwitz KZ I-II is exhibiting at Missouri Southern State University’s Spiva Gallery in February 2017. The exhibition has also been on display at GJCC Nashville and in performance in collaboration with the Dance Theater of Tennesee.

2017 Henriksson was single juror of Photo Spiva, a national Photography competition.

October 2019 the exhibition was on display at James May Gallery, Algoma. WI.

During fall 2015, Henriksson collaborated with director Ragnar Lyth for Samtal Före Döden (Talk before Death), a play about Adolf Eichman’s two last hours, at City of Stockholm Theater.

Henriksson has lectured and taught photography at Mullsjö Folkhögskola, University of Jönköping, and MSSU in Joplin, Missouri, and several workshops.

He has recently in 2021 finished a project about Norra Klarälvdalen. The abandoned houses and the magnificent river Klarälven and the magic forests. This exhibition will open at Liljevalchs Konsthall September 24, 2021.

Some of his clients in his commercial work are: VSM Group, Edsbyn Office Furniture, Fagerhult, NEFAB, Thule, Scandinavian Eyeware, Voice Furniture, Jesper Design, Peltor, Habogruppen, Anza, Orkla, Ire Furniture, Sydved, Weland, Lystra Lighting.